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About the Case Studies

On this site you we will follow several different teachers at different points in their careers in order to explore some of the main challenges and obstacles that may arise when teaching a second or foreign language. Each of our teacher friends has documented parts of their journeys by writing REFLECTIONS about their experiences. Ranging from student teachers in the process of completing their practica to experienced teachers, the stories of our teacher friends demonstrate that teaching is also an ongoing LEARNING experience.

In each reflection our teacher friends touch upon some key issues and concerns in language education. From this, key words or phrases are highlighted and linked to further information that can be accessed through a click of the mouse. Each reflection is also followed by several questions which can help to guide further discussion.

Now, let's meet out teacher friends!


A Mentor Teacher


Our Teacher Friends




Secondary IPT (First Practicum) Student Teacher Secondary IPT (First Practicum) Student Teacher Elementary APT (Second Practicum) Student Teacher
Lily Jin




Secondary APT (Second Practicum) Student Teacher Novice Language Teacher (in her 3rd year of teaching) Novice Social Studies Teacher (in his 4th year of teaching)
Anna Marguerite Daniel image



















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