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Daniel: Novice Social Studies Teacher


Name:  Daniel Nelson
Age: 31

Academic background: Daniel completed a Bachelor in Education with a major in Social Studies and a minor Phys. Ed.

Teaching experience: Daniel has been teaching and coaching sports for four years at the high school level.

Other background info: Daniel has no second language training and has not studied a second language since his days in junior high.

Current Teaching experience: Daniel has been teaching Social Studies in his current position for the past four years. He has recently welcomed a student into his class who is new to the country and is learning English as a Second Language. Daniel is having difficulties with the student’s behaviour in class and believes the misbehaving is due to language barrier problems.

Daniel's Reflections




Reflection 1: Don't Know What to Do!

Halfway through first school term

Daniel is struggling to find ways to adapt instruction to a new student.

Read through Daniel's reflections to find out more about some of the challenges he is facing in the classroom. Click on any of the highlighted areas to find out more about that issue from Dr. B!

  1. Daniel is facing a new challenge in his teaching this year; he is having difficulty adapting instruction for a new ELL student.  How might teaching an ELL student be different from teaching other students?

  2. Daniel’s student is able to communicate in social situations but is not demonstrating the same competency in his academics.  Why might this be so?

  3. What types of accommodations and supports might Daniel provide for his new student?

  4. Daniel states that the new student is causing disruptions in class.  What might be causing the student to act in this manner?

  5. Who could Daniel turn to for advice about his new student?  Where could he go for further strategies and resources on supporting ELL students?

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