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We are facing a demographic change in Canada. The echo generation described by University of Toronto economist David Foot is replacing the baby boomers, both generations highly outnumbering what he calls the 'bust' generation in between. This means that the normal process of retiring senior and experienced teachers being replaced by new teachers has swung to a different balance. With more than 50 per cent of all teachers in North America leaving the profession within the first five years of teaching, the experience that a school system would normally cultivate is disappearing. Some areas, such as Alberta, are forecasting that 50 per cent of their teaching population will have less than five years of experience within the next decade. More and more new teachers are being mentored during their student teaching practice by teachers who themselves have only three to six years of experience.

What should Mentor/cooperating/host teachers consider when taking a student teacher? Visit the following pages to find out more.

Taking on a Student Teacher

Tips for Mentor Teachers

Offering Feedback and Support to Student Teachers

Tips for Student Teachers


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