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Professional Development

Professional development (PD) is a broad term used to describe ways to keep current with changing technology and practices in a profession. With mentoring, professional growth plans, professional learning communities, communities of practice, community based learning, study abroad, coaching, study groups, workplace-embedded PD, exchange programs, learning consortia, workshops, seminars, conferences, conventions, technology driven and/or supported approaches, credit courses, degrees, certificates and diplomas PD attracts billions of dollars in annual economies. PD can be top-down or bottom-up. It can encounter resistance or be embraced. It can be entertaining, informative and/or transformative (Mezirow , 1991). This part of the web site will review what the research tells us about the effectiveness of professional development approaches.

As the Teaching Quality Standards reveal, professional development must keep teachers updated in many areas. Although what follows is based on standards in Alberta, similar documents can be found around the country, continent and world.

Professional Development in the 21st Century

Professional Development in Leadership

Professional Development & Awareness of Your Profession

Professional Development Opportunities in your Area

Improve your classroom practice through action research: Become a researcher of your own instruction

Reflection – a key to professional growth

Leadership means ACTION

So you want to make a change in your school – your chances of success are based on your Community of Practice

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