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Proving It: What Has Been Learned


In the Proving It stage of B-SLIM students give PROOF or evidence of what they have learned. This learning is usually demonstrated through meaningful tasks for the student (usually something of high interest) that integrates many facets of the language including pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, situations, functions. These tasks should be both oral or written and emphasize BOTH fluency and accuracy. To make tasks or projects relevant, students need to be given a context in which to carry out the task. Each context will include a “form” or text type. Students reveal their abilities to use the TL spontaneously (or with minimal preparation time), creatively, and personally by integrating all aspects of INPUT into oral and/or written activities or projects.


After discussing the questions above, watch the video to learn more about the Proving It stage of B-SLIM. (time 6:25)

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3 Types of Proving It Activities:

- Spontaneity

- Initiating Language

- Representation

Using "forms"


Competency vs. Performance



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