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The Tree: Roots

The ROOTS of the TREE consist of the concepts listed below. Each is a concept that is important to consider when teaching a second language and should be explained BOTH theoretically and as it would by applied in teaching practice.  To work through these concepts click on the links below and complete the questions and activities that accompany each page. Take time to work with each concept in terms of WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE IN THE CLASSROOM so that you can see how to apply the concepts in your own teaching. 

Rate of Learning
Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development
Bloom’s Taxonomy
Functions of Language
Krashen’s 6 hypotheses
Cummins’ Interdependence Hypothesis
Communicative Competency
Foreign Language vs. Second Language context
Basic-Survival Language
Graph of Learner Needs
Sociopolitical factors
Dale’s Cone of Experience
Pedagogic Content Knowledge
Professional Development


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