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Strategies and Activities

In this section of the site, the aim is to provide teachers with examples of activities they can use to increase the amount of Getting it/Using it activities in their repertoire. We believe in the sharing of ideas between teachers as the idea is not to create the most original lesson, but the most effective one for student learning; as such, we invite you to browse through the different activity sections and use any activities or resources that you feel would be useful.

Best of Bilash believes in purposeful teaching; that means that no activity is used ‘just because’. Every activity should serve a purpose for student learning. A teacher should use a variety of different activities, but it is important that the teacher know why each activity is being used. Every activity promotes different kinds of learning, and when planning an activity a teacher should have in mind what kind of learning students are meant to be doing.

Throughout you will find links to videos demonstrating activities, as well as activities accompanied by templates or texts. Use these resources as you see fit in your classroom!  Just print, adapt, acknowledge and share the website!

1. Oral Language Development: These strategies can be used to develop oral language in the classroom.

2. Literacy Development: These strategies and activities provide opportunities for developing literacy in the language classroom.

3. Expanding Your Repertoire: These activities can be used in many contexts and in many subjects to get students to understand, remember and learn through the language.

4. Tasks and Projects: These ideas concentrate on larger tasks or projects which can act as the basis on which to build units.

5. Picture Cues: This page includes information and examples of a variety of Picture Cues, which can be used to develop oral language.

6. Templates

7. Learn More About Your Students. Use these activities to learn more about your students and their learning experiences.



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