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This page is under construction but will include links to information about teaching strategies, presentations on language teaching methodologies and many video clips to help guide instruction. This section of the site will provide information for teachers in all parts of the world including China, Malaysia, Japan and Korea.

Frequently Asked Questions: Follow this link to view frequently asked questions with links to responses.

B-SLIM Presentations: Follow this link to see presentations about B-SLIM from teachers around the world.

Activities & Strategies:Follow this link to see descriptions and video clips of strategies and activities that can be used in the language classroom.

Watch the videos below. Watch the first video and think about how this teacher uses the B-SLIM model to facilitate the lesson. After you have watched the first video, watch the second to check your answers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you please clarify ‘Getting it’?

Should I teach grammar in English or Japanese?

Many JTEs speak in Japanese for most of their English lessons. What is your opinion of this?

I must teach according to my textbook. How can I follow B-SLIM?

My students cannot talk. What can I do?

We must teach a lot of new vocabulary and it is difficult for students to remember so
many words. What advice can you give me?

Some phrases in the textbook are not the phrases I hear spoken by the ALT or other native speakers (NS). Why is that so?

We now teach English in the Elementary school. Many parents think that this is too early
and that their children will not learn Japanese as well as they should. What is your

What are the pros and cons of using 'big books' in the elementary school EFL classroom?

What types of 'proving it' activities can Japanese EFL students do?

I must assess students everyday in each subject area. How can I assess 35-40 students in
45 minutes? What should I do?

How can I use the multiple intelligences in my EFL class?

You have taught poetry in a demonstration lesson in jr. high. Why did you choose that

You have taught poetry in a demonstration lesson in sr. high. Why did you choose that

In your demonstration lessons in Hokkaido you often begin with a story you tell through
pictures. Why do you do so?

I am having difficulty working with my ALT. What advice can you give?

You use many praise words in your demonstration lessons. This makes students very happy. How can I learn such words?

Watch another lesson of a teacher using the B-SLIM method. As you watch, decide at what stage of B-SLIM the lesson is occuring- Planning and Preparation, Giving It, Getting It, Using It, Proving It or Assessment. (time 22:58)

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