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Tips for Mentor/Host/Cooperating Teachers

  • Be aware of the time it takes to facilitate a student teacher. Can you realistically make the commitment?
  • Let the student teacher know about your expectations from the very beginning of the experience. 
  • Schedule and follow through with regular feedback sessions.
  • Be open to ‘letting go’ of some control of the class in order to give the student teacher as close to an authentic experience as possible.
  • Be open to looking at one’s own teaching critically and reflectively in order to respond to questions and queries the student teacher may have.
  • Give multiple opportunities for observation, both in your own classroom and in those of other teachers.
  • Use questioning as a form of feedback; this will help student teachers to discover answers on their own
  • Give feedback throughout the whole field experience; don’t stop mentoring just because a student teacher is doing well.

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